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How Empress Can Help

Empress Hot Tubs & Swim Spas is your full service hot tub and swim spa provider in Calgary, Alberta.

We do more than just sell hot tubs; we back up our products by providing you with the best service.

We have only the most qualified people to maintain and repair your investment.

Need help or advice when it comes to maintenance or a hot tub repair?

Looking for a custom cover for your hot tub or spa?

Come in to talk to our professional staff or give us a call.  We are more than happy to help you with any of your hot tub needs!

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We Offer the Following Services:

  • Frozen tub repair
  • Fibreglass repair
  • Estimates
  • Re-jetting
  • Pump replacement
  • Pump rebuilding
  • Motor replacement
  • Motor rebuilding
  • Chemicals
  • Spa School
  • Closing tub for winter
  • Opening tub for Spring
  • Tub Moves
  • Tub refurbishing
  • Used Tub Sales

How Empress Can Help

Covers starting at just $34.99 all the way up to the Ultimate Extreme 5″ to 4″ tapered cover.


How To Measure For Your New Cover

  • Measure your Hot TubNOT your existing cover.
  • Pick the shape of your hot tub (squared corners, rounded corners, octagon, etc.)
  • Measure the corner radius.
  • Meaure the lip of the tub.
  • Pick the thickness of foam and colour choice


Extreme winter covers from $399.
5″ X 4″ tapered Hot Tub Covers also available – For the Harshest Winter

The Empress 5″ – 4″ tapered hot tub covers are for the most extreme climates we serve. Built for heavy snow areas.

  • foam thickness is 5″ – 4″ tapered which allows rain, ice and snow runoff.
  • we only use the highest density foams, which can withstand heavy loads including harsh snowfalls, children, and animals. We do not use or offer any (1.0lb) or inferior non-virgin foam in any of our covers like a lot of other manufactured covers.
  • stitching is all reinforced with over 20 points of internal reinforcement at high stress and problem areas.
  • we only use the highest grade marine grade vinyl with UV & mildew inhibitors to keep its beauty through all seasons.
  • we use a steel reinforcement stiffener down the center for added strength.
  • all foam is coated and wrapped for ZERO water absorption, which means our hot tub covers do not get waterlogged like some other manufactured spa covers.
  • all our hot tub covers come with our double reinforced folding hinge and double stitched no tear handles to ensure trouble free cover removal which will help your cover last longer.
  • lockable child safety straps for security.
  • exceeds all ASTM standards for hot tub (spa) covers.


Key Benefits


Cleaning your Hot Tub

  1. Before draining your spa, add a bottle of Spa Purge or Whirlpool Rinse (process times may vary).
  2. Drain your spa water every 3 to 6 months, depending on use.  If your spa has an ozonator, changing your spa water may only be necessary every 8-12 months.
  3. Spray Clean & Perfect on your empty tub, sponge clean your spa shell.  Rinse with fresh water.
  4. The filter should be rinsed on a bi-weekly basis and cleaned every month or more frequently for higher bather loads.  Soak overnight in Cartridge Cleaner and rinse well before returning to spa.
  5. Refill spa with fresh water to the recommended level.  The water line should be approximately half way up the top skimmer.
  6. You may want to bleed air from the filter canister and pumps to ensure the pumps will be primed.  Look for tiny plastic thumb screws on your filter and your pumps and unscrew briefly to let the air escape.
  7. If you have a timer, set your spa to filter on low speed for a minimum of 3 hours for every 12 hour period.

Initial Treatment to Fresh Water

  1. Once the temperature of your hot tub reaches about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you can start adding chemicals.  Warm water will allow the Chlorine/Bromine granular chemicals to dissolve properly.
  2. We recommend using a floater and pucks in conjunction with granules.
  3. Test and adjust the alkalinity by adding Alka-Rise(if alkalinity is low).  Allow the water to filter for 30 minutes before re-testing the alkalinity.
  4. Add scale control product like Scale Free and add Prevent 2 or spa water clarifier such as Spa Clear.
  5. Adding an enzyme based product like Spa Solution will condition your water and help keep you spa cleaner for up to 3 months (we highly recommend this product).
  6. Sanitizing the spa water – there are 3 different methods; choose only 1.  Never use both bromine and chlorine.
  • Fill floating dispenser with pucks (chlorine OR bromine) and place in spa water.  Floater should always contain pucks and remain in the water.  Shock every few days or after every use.  Check floater every week and shock more frequently if testing detects low sanitization levels.

Weekly Maintenance

  1. Test water for bromine or chlorine, alkalinity, and pH.
  2. Always adjust the alkalinity before the pH.
  3. Add Scale Free, and Spa Clear or Prevent 2.  If your spa has an ozonator, you may find that you don’t need to use a spa clarifier because ozone acts as a flocculent, allowing smaller particles to be filtered out.
  4. Repeat sanitation as in the “Initial Treatment” section above.  (Add bromine OR chlorine as needed).
  5. Rinse off the filter cartridge with fresh water.  Soak the filter in cartridge monthly, or more frequently if you have a large bather load.
  6. Squeeze out scum bags (Zorbies cannot be squeezed out) and rinse with fresh water.

We have Certified Spa technicians on call to take care of any issue you may have.

Our Staff is speedy, knowledgeable and dependable.

The Empress mobile service vehicle is on the road daily to carry out on-site repairs, maintenance and troubleshooting to all makes and models of hot tubs, swim spas, whirlpools and other equipment. In addition, we have many parts in stock and can do small repairs on the test bench in our workshop.

From older electro-mechanical to modern digitally controlled systems, our expert technicians are ready to handle any questions or problems you may have, either on-site, or by e-mail or phone; furthermore, if for whatever reason we can’t service it, we’ll refer you to someone who can!

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